You can emphasize objects in your viewer by showing outlines around them.

Under the hood: This is currently implemented using the stencil buffer technique, in which a halo is rendered by drawing a glowing copy of the mesh in the background, expanded along its vertex normals. This doesn't work so well for non-smooth vertex normals though, so will be probably be replaced by some sort of post-processing edge-detection technique at some point.


In the example below, we'll position the camera and configure the appearance of outlines. Then we'll load a glTF model of a reciprocating saw. When that's loaded, we'll show outlines around three objects in the saw.

var viewer = new xeometry.Viewer();

viewer.setEye([-130, -40, 350]);
viewer.setLook([-130, -40, 0]);

viewer.setOutlineColor([1, 1, 0]);

viewer.loadModel("gearbox", "GearboxAssy.gltf", function () {
    viewer.showOutline(["gearbox#1", "gearbox#1.0", "gearbox#1.1"]);

[ Run demo ]

More examples

Outlining all objects in a given model:


Outlining all objects of the given types (see Assigning types to objects):

viewer.showOutline(["IfcFlowController", "IfcFlowFitting"]);

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