Assigning types to objects

Each object in your xeometry Viewer may be optionally assigned a type. Types are strings that mean something within the domain of your application. When using xeometry as an IFC viewer, for example, then types would likely be IFC element types.

When you have assigned types to your objects, then you can specify types as the targets for various xeometry methods.


Assigning IFC types to two objects:

viewer.setType("house#12", "IfcFlowController");
viewer.setType("house#23", "IfcFlowFitting");

Getting the type of an object:

var type = viewer.getType("house#12");

Getting all types in the viewer:

var types = viewer.getTypes();

Getting all objects of the given type (see Querying Models and Objects):

var typeObjects = viewer.getObjects("ifcCurtainWall");

Making all objects transparent except for the given types (see Transparency):

viewer.setOpacity(["IfcFlowController", "IfcFlowFitting"], 1.0);

Flying the camera to fit all objects of the given types (see Fitting things in view):

viewer.viewFit(["IfcFlowController", "IfcFlowFitting"], function() {
    // Camera arrived

Getting collective boundary of all objects of the given types (see: Querying Boundaries):

var objectsBoundary = viewer.getAABB(["IfcFlowController", "IfcFlowFitting"]);

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